We can achieve greatness when we start small.
With your personal promise
to your mother earth!

Arnd Drossel

born on June 14. 1968 in Dorsten, NRW

1989 Stay in Brittany and the beginning of artistic creation. 1992 The artistic work becomes the center of life and the foundation of self-employment. Since 1994 vernissages and exhibitions in Kassel, Höxter, Paderborn, Borken, Bielefeld, Bochum, Rheinberg, Waiblingen and Poland. Since 1995 exhibitions at various fairs. 2003 Start of the art project „DIE WENDE“ (The Turn) and construction of the same-named object in colaboration with handicaped people. Warburg. Since 2006 expansion of the art project “ Innere Balance“ (Inner Balance) incorporating the elements and realization of Earthwalk and Waterwalk. Since 2008 further development of the art project “ Inner Balance“ (Inner Balance) in Geneva and Berlin. 2010 Environmental art project: „Leben in der Eiskugel – Polarkappen tauen ab.“ (Life in the ice sphere – polar ice caps melt) 2012 „Schwanweib im Nest“ (Swan in the nest). Steel sculpture build with refugees which floats 6 weeks in Kassel on the Fulda. 2015 „Skulptur der Kulturen“ (Sculpture of Cultures) commissioned by the district of Höxter. 2016 „Jedes Boot braucht einen sicheren Hafen“ (Every boat needs a safe harbor) on behalf of the city of Paderborn. 2017 Paderkultur with ball run on the water on behalf of the city of Paderborn. Since 2020 my promise mother earth, environmental art project started 12-12-2020.

„My Promise Mother Earth“ is YOUR promise to YOUR Earth and YOUR fellow human beings which you implement for yourself. Perhaps your most important promise in these times – perhaps the most important promise of your life!   

The ball on the way to the pledger!


Arnd Drossel walks 300 kilometers in his wire ball through NRW. With the project „Innere Balance“ (Inner Balance) he wants to draw attention to the situation of mentally ill people who have lost their mental balance. The patron of the campaign is NRW Health Minister Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU)


Arnd Drossel continues walking… The next stage is the route from Berlin to Paderborn. He takes part in the Berlin Marathon 2008 and is partly accompanied by a Korean camera team. His project: „Innere Balance“ (Inner Balance) interests the press and also the people whose paths Arnd crosses with his wire ball.


Ice-Installation at pader spring area in Paderborn. Inner balance contributes to bring nature back into balance. In order to get attention for his message, Arnd Drossel and some friends take turns to spend the nights in the iced balls. The melting outer shell highlights climate change and the melting polar ice caps.


Water-Installation at Paderlake in Paderborn. Together with his son Kalin, Arnd Drossel literally walks on water. As part of the „Paderkultour“ (Pader Culture) in Paderborn, the 120 kg sphere is launched onto the water.


Arnd Drossel accompanies the Superchallenge „My Promise Mother Earth“ with environmental art actions. In march 2021 he will live for two weeks in an iced ball on the hofgarten in Bonn. He motivates people to make their promise to Mother Earth. The wire ball is the focus point for artistic performances. Arnd Drossel’s action art is based on his social engagement. In this way, he enters into exchanges with people no matter where he is. People around the world connect with each other through their sustainable promises, thereby enlivening the art project with great sustainability. The four elements fire, water, earth and air can be experienced by the audience through performances incorporating the wire ball. On 1. November 2021 a relay race will be held crossing land and water to reach the UN Climate Change Conference at Glasgow. At the end of this relay race all the promises will be handed over with an urgent appeal to the conference.

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