The association

We can’t wait for politics to force us to change our behavior for the better. We have to take our own responsibility in the long run and take a radical step in our everyday life for future generations to reduce the negative effects on the climate.

The association „My Promise Mother Earth e.V.“ coordinates all activities around this big project, collects donations and supporters for it: We would also like to win companies that support us in this and are also willing to make their promise.

Pledges can be made by anyone right here on the website and then shared on social media using the hashtag #meinversprechenmuttererde and #mypromisemotherearth.

You are as keen as we are to make the world a little better and want to join my promise mother earth?

Open positions

You also want to take personal responsibility, bring this project a big step further and are interested in a continuous collaboration in our dedicated team? Then this might be you chance:

  • At the moment we have no vacancies

Your job is not included, but you still think we need you? Then be sure to send us an email!

Collaboration during events

For our environmental art events we are always looking for active support on site – organizational, crafstswork, hands on. Send us an email and tell us briefly who you are, what you can do and in which city you live. Then we can inform you accordingly if something takes place in your area:

Local project groups

We support local environmental art campaigns. Contact us if you have an idea how you can inspire people in your place or environment to make their personal promise.

Press review

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